Hiring An Experienced Tax Fraud Defense Attorney Is Vital To Protect Your Rights


Getting a criminal case for tax fraud can be devastating. It may involve prison time, ruined career, and a bleak future. It is vital to hire an experienced tax fraud defense attorney to protect your rights and best interests. The attorney will know the ins and outs of the tax code, as well as potential defenses. The attorneys will work to protect your rights and minimize the damage to your financial future.

Criminal charges are based on the amount of tax evasion a person is suspected of committing. A prosecution for tax fraud requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The amount of tax fraud varies in each case, but it is common for the amount to cover three years of cheating. If you are caught red-handed, the government can expect to file a criminal case, even if you confessed. However, if you keep your mouth shut, there is a good chance that you can mount a solid defense. If the government has no evidence, they may opt for civil penalties instead.

Tax fraud attorneys have a wealth of knowledge about tax law. Tax fraud lawyers can help you distinguish between civil and criminal tax crimes and help the IRS calculate penalties. If your case is dismissed by the IRS, an attorney can negotiate a favorable administrative outcome. This may include a reduced penalty or no prosecution at all. It is crucial to seek legal representation right away. Taking action against a rogue agent is not something to take lightly. Attorneys will protect your rights and avoid unnecessary penalties and consequences.

In addition to helping you avoid a criminal charge, tax fraud defense attorneys can help you negotiate with prosecutors. A lawyer can act as a buffer between your attorney and the prosecutor. A prosecutor is eager to bring you to court because it shows that you’ve done something to fight corruption. An attorney will be able to work on your behalf to avoid any serious consequences. They’ll defend you from charges relating to tax fraud and evasion.

David M. Garvin, a tax fraud defense attorney, represented Mr. Arin at trial and won. At that meeting, Mr. Garvin determined that both parties involved in the case were honest and deserving of representation. The Special Agent was also in the same boat as Mr. Arin. He was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the criminal case on the eve of trial.

David M. Garvin is a renowned Florida Bar Certified Tax Attorney. He has been recognized as one of the nation’s top attorneys by Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers for 12 consecutive years. The firm takes cases throughout the nation. Clients should be aware that each case is different and past success does not guarantee future success. For this reason, clients should consult with an attorney with a proven track record of success in tax fraud cases.

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